Monsoons are here, the conditions are overcast and the time romantic as can be. In such weather, who wouldn’t want to be with his/her partner?

Isn’t this simply the best time to plan out a romantic getaway?

You get a nice weekend or a few days off with your loved one. A great to time to explore the surroundings, catch a movie, enjoy long walks, long drives, some sightseeing, romantic dinners and breakfast in bed.

Or you could get up close and personal and make up for times of fatigue and excessive workload.

As you get to spend some time with your partner, it is sure to be a romantic experience. But let’s run through some tips which would add a touch of class and royalty to the entire episode!

  • An ocean view room would ensure a much better holiday experience for you both.
  • How about surprising your loved one with a chilled bottle of champagne just upon arrival.
  • Spend some moments figuring out a restaurant that best fits your taste.

So if you prefer some rain dances and music, you could take a pick.

You may choose to go for something that allows you to go for long treks.

Why not pick an alternative which facilitates some bicycling trips for both of you.

Maybe someplace which offers long rides on a Harley?

Or try some yoga classes to soothe your senses?

  • A candle lit dinner at the beach is sure to reignite your senses and passion.
  • How about some room service breakfast? You could eat in bed!
  • Maybe you could take some time out for local sightseeing.
  • If you choose to shop on your trip, secretly shop for each other. Your partner would be pleasantly surprised and it is great feeling to realize how much your partner cares for you.


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  • Make sure you do not forget to close up with your partner.

What makes monsoon sex better than regular sex is a matter of wonder. Sex is great at any time.

Monsoons nevertheless provide that extra bit of fantasy, which may be otherwise missing at times. Let’s figure out some factors which make monsoon sex as hot and sexy as it is.


Monsoons are the wet season, and add an extra tinge of horniness to one’s being. When you got a body which is drenched wet, this calls for action. With your partner, you can rock the night alive.

Lightning and thunderstorms set the mood.


A weather which is pleasant promotes relaxation, such that you can express your innermost carnal desires.


There are few things as arousing as wet clothing; this has been a Bollywood formula for success since decades. Fully drenched, you ooze sensuality effortlessly.


Indian summers could be hot and sticky, and the winters too cold to look for gratification. Monsoon offer respite to the weather, and could round up as simply the best time for intimacy.

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