The gracious month of Ramadan, for which we have been waiting for all so long is here and the fragrance is in the air. We are drawn closer to Allah than ever before with our hearts refreshed and souls purified.

We fast every year for the holy month of Ramadan, but we may at times come to realize that we find it a shade difficult.

Now here are some fine tips for Ramadan fasting which are sure to work!

  • Practice makes one perfect! If you choose to fast for a few days in the prior month of Shahban, you accustom your body for the Ramadan fasting, which suddenly becomes easier to undertake! Some of the practitioners fast for two days a week (Mondays and Thursdays) during the month of Shahban.
  • Caffeine withdrawal symptoms could make the Ramadan fasting a little difficult to undertake. So you may choose to limit the intake of caffeine in the days prior to Ramadan.
  • It is a fine practice to wake up for Suhoor, the meal just before dawn. You’d come to realize that the stomach capacity adjusts itself, and so does the metabolism.
  • Include fruits and green vegetables in your meal plans! A balanced diet is sure to work well. And it would be a fine idea to select your meals in a manner that involves both, fibers and protein along with complex carbohydrates.
  • It is also important to make sure that the diet includes fluids in the recommended amount even while one fasts for Ramadan. One of the ways is to make sure that one consumes eight glasses of water post Iftar and dinner, which could be separate meals!

Then you may choose to go for coconut water, which is refreshing and beneficial, with its added nutrients. Another fine alternative is watermelon juice, which is rich in antioxidants.

Greetings on the holy month of Ramadan! Fasting during the month of Ramadan is not just a spiritual ritual, but also a time for reflection and recharging oneself spiritually.


Fasting through Ramadan multiplies its benefits manifolds. But if you have been using herbal supplements for enhanced energy levels, you might feel that it is tough to carry on with the regimen!

But you may choose to consume one pill of Stay-On Power capsules after Iftaar, and experience the vitality that the 100% herbal pill offers. Consuming the pill would make you feel energized and would cause no side effects, even while you fast in the gracious month of Ramadan.

The pill would lay a positive effect on your being and make you feel energized and vitalized. This would work as efficiently as it does otherwise.

In this month of fasting, you may have questions on what do I do with the StayOn energy regiment? Not to worry!! Our experts recommend that it is completely safe & OK to take these energy pills when you break your fast – with your dinner!

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