While sex, when a couple orgasms simultaneously, it can be one of the most exciting things that can possibly be. But unfortunately, it doesn’t come easy.

We find that couples keep on trying to achieve the same but never manage. But at the end of the day, it is really possible if you are able to put in the right kind of effort. And it is sure to be a very positive boost for your intercourse! You obviously have to do stuff differently to make it happen.

  • Take it to the edge

Taking it to the edge is a technique which you might feel is tricky, but it requires you to exercise a certain degree of control and practice. Over time, you are sure to master the trick.

So this mainly involves bringing your partner or yourself close to the edge of an orgasm, and then backing off. Now this could be an exciting tease, but with practice, you’d gain a superior control over it.

So then you try and orgasm in the second go, basically orgasm with your partner, or when you need to. Now this is a basic essential, and a fundamental for the success of the entire process, because on an average, men require three to five minutes to orgasm, while for women, the duration is 12 to 14 minutes. So as it would be difficult for both of you to orgasm together unless you make a conscious effort towards it, taking it to the edge technique is one way which would make it all work out. Specifically, it’s a lot about having that extra tinge of stamina and maybe, controlling the ejaculation as well.

  • Positions

The other way of working it out is by making sure that the lady orgasms quicker. And that is because some of the positions are more lucrative for an orgasm while others are not.

A very basic idea for achieving the same is by paying some additional attention to the zones in your partner’s body which are more facilitative for letting her orgasm. The G-spot and the clitoris are the most erogenous zones, and by stimulating these, the lady is likely to orgasm quicker. Now if you choose to go for the cowgirl or the missionary position for sex, it allows manual stimulation of the clitoris while sexual activity. And this would lead to an explosive shared finish that makes it click and simply makes the difference.

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