We all have heard of Kama Sutra and the various forms of expressing love! The very basic idea behind Kama Sutra is that there is nothing wrong in making love, but doing it right and enhance the experience multi-fold. But with every day work load, stress and pollutants, it is very rare that men & women can survive even a couple of these Kamasutra poses!

Worry not! Stay-On Oral Liquid takes care of this! This herbal single-shot energy drink gives you the right boost to your testosterone.

Feel the vigor, vitality and recharge your energy INSTANTLY with STAY-ON ORAL LIQUID. Absorbed quickly by the body, consume it half an hour before intimate activity.

  • Open the easy to use container and swallow the contents in a single gulp
  • Works equally well for men and women
  • 100% Herbal
  • No Side Effects


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Stay-On Oral Liquid is unique. It is superfast energy booster, vitality enhancer, and Stamina booster liquid.Its easily digestible format gets absorbed into your system quicker than normal capsules. Thus, you feel euphoric with enhanced vigour, vitality and recharged energy unimaginably faster (superfast) and may last longer too.



It is liquid extract concentrate of select herbal constituents like Ginseng, Ashwagandha, Gokhru,Kauch Shilajit , Salam, Kesar etc.. Each of these constituents have a proven track record well documented in ayurvedic scriptures with respect to their individual quality in various degrees for enhancing vitality, energy and restoring your stamina.


Shake well user friendly container. Open the lid. Swallow the entire single dose of liquid content in a gulp. Experience the enhanced thrill of vigour, vitality, energy in 30 minutes* (approx) flat. 1 dose at a time.


Why Stay-On:

Within 30 minutes of gulping a single dose of Stay-On Oral drink, experience super-fast satisfactorily desired results, almost. No need for dietary restrictions, regimen, routine or long drawn out course/s normally associated with most ayurvedic preparations. Besides, it is safe and 100%  ayurvedic.


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