One may initially find it hard to believe, but as you teach your teenage daughter about sex, this could keep her healthy, or even save her life.

A very important fact one must note in this regard is that teenagers often vary in opinion with their parents about the way one should go about with sex talk.

Now there was this poll in ABC news in the year 2006, and all across US, around 90% of parents interviewed said that they had spoken to their teenage kids about sex. But it is not hard to catch the glitch here, only half of their teens agree.

This article discusses some facts every teenager should know about sex along with some specific ways that you can use to get the point across.

  1. You should discuss about condoms with your teenage kids, when you choose to have a sex talk. A teenager needs to understand that a condom isn’t as effective or as easy to use as one might assume.

It is a fact that for preventing a pregnancy, effectiveness of a condom is similar to that of the pill. In the same way, using a condom greatly reduces chances of one being afflicted by a sexually transmitted disease.

One also needs to understand that merely by seeing a person; one cannot come to know if one is suffering from a sexually transmitted disease.

There are some other facts about condoms that one must understand.

It very often happens that a couple does not use condoms until the very last minute. Similarly in the heat of passion, the male partner might not exercise the control he normally does.

So condom use cannot be considered to be foolproof.

Another important point that one must understand is that it is possible for the girl to get pregnant even before ejaculation, for the reason that pre ejaculation emission is loaded with sperm.

Yet another important matter which can be discussed is that if one chooses to have unprotected sex, or if the condom breaks, emergency contraception is an alternative that you could go for.

  • You must also discuss about the birth control pills with your teenage kids.

A birth control pill or a contraceptive pill is an over the counter medication, and to prevent pregnancy, one must consume it within 72 hours of sexual intercourse.

However, the birth control pill is known to be most effective if it is consumed soon after the intercourse.

In many cases, women’s health organizations recommend that you should keep the birth control pill at home such that you could use it readily whenever it is required.

Your teenage kids must also recognize that young adults could be at a high risk of contracting STDs. A very surprising stat in this regard is that while people in the age group of 15 to 24 comprise of 25% of sexually active people, these account for almost 50% of new cases of STDs. The same has been reported as per a 2006’ surveillance report by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Teenagers too need to go for testing every once in a while. The time duration could vary from once every two months, or it may be less frequent, something like once every two years.

While you find time for a sex talk with your teenage kids, you come to realize that things have changed a lot as a parent.

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