To Give The Missing Boost To Your Sex Life!

There are some unknown facts about Kama Sutra you wouldn’t know about.

Did you know that:-

  • Kama Sutra is centered on men’s pleasure.
  • Only 20% of the book focuses on sexual positioning.

The very essence of Kama Sutra lies within the joy of exploring one’s owns sexuality. The artform remained a mystical shroud until it gained popularity straight into the 1980s.

When used right, Kama Sutra can help couples keep their love lives fresh in the long term! The very basic idea behind Kama Sutra is that there is nothing wrong with sex, but doing it frivolously is a matter that needs to be looked into.

While 20% of the book is focused on sexual positions, the remainder tells us about exact ways and means that make sex a divine union between a man and a woman. This is basically a guide for a young man or a woman into ways to keep the love alive, and how to overlook the sticky points in the marriage, something that really makes one a better individual or a citizen.

It’s an old compilation, really. Vatsalya, the composer of the book lived way back in the 4th century and he described 64 sex positions, which is 8 ways of making love multiplied by 8 positions each.

One of the key concepts that Kama Sutra discusses is that it is of an extreme importance to make sure that a woman is aroused to ensure peak sexual pleasure for both partners. And that’s because if a woman is fully aroused she can give the man an orgasm which is bigger and better.

Another very fundamental element of finding sexual pleasure is the tantric sex. The very basic idea which encompasses Tantric sex is to take away one’s unhappiness and turn it into a positive mindset using body’s own resources.

At times we come to realize that if a person is unhappy, he might be in no mood for sex at all, and being despondent about life in general is a part of the story. In the same way, if a person stays unhappy, he is more prone to depression.

While stress on the mind may not be something which can be influenced by physical body, for healing its effects Tantric Sex can be very effective.

This really works magic for our beings. For men, erection and ejaculation improves to a great extent. And for women, it makes sex enjoyable even for a lady who may otherwise be frigid. So, Tantric sex stays as an element which takes sex to the next level by improving the link between the body and the spirit.

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