Why Herbal Products?

Herbal products are a gift of nature and work in a holistic way to improve our health and well being. While pharmaceuticals just draw on modifying a physical condition, herbal products are designed to work with the body.

This may be seen as; herbal remedies find a way to tap the natural rhythms of the body, something that makes the entire body work together.

In essence, herbal products have centuries of history associated with their use. They form a part of all prevalent medication systems, and the world is now waking up afresh to the magic of herbs and herbal remedies. 


Some Herbal Products have made the mark in Indian markets and have been used for decades at a stretch! We are now the second generation consumers, and the products find same utility in our lives as in the case of our parents.

Sometimes it is even their older commercials or jingles that we associate with the older times!

Let’s run through some such brands:-


Baidyanath is a pharmaceutical firm specializing in Ayurvedic medications. The establishment was set up way back in the year 1917 as Shree Baidyanath Ayurved Bhawan (p) Limited, and has its registered office in Kolkata.

Baidyanath stays as one of the pioneers in re establishing ancient Ayurvedic knowledge, along with modern research and manufacturing techniques. Baidyanath is not just a popular name in India, but ships its products to several countries.


Dabur happens to be yet another brand which has a history that spans to over 125 years. This was founded way back in 1884 by SK Burman, a physician in West Bengal. The brand is primarily focused at producing and dispensing Ayurvedic medications.

Dabur today operates in number of key consumer product categories, such as hair care, oral care, health care and skin care. Just like its substantial presence in both rural and urban markets in India, Dabur products are also available in 120 countries across the globe.

Dabur offers a host of medicines to treat a range of ailments, ranging from common cold to arthritis.


Emami happens to be one of the fastest growing businesses in healthcare industry, and generates a host of household brands. The company was established in 1974 and now produces over 300 products based on Ayurvedic formulations. Their operations extend to over 60 countries.

Apart from healthcare products, Emami has also been involved with production of edible oil, cement and bio diesel.


If you are looking for supplements to treat Sexual Dysfunctions, you need to try and make sure that you choose to go only for herbal supplements.

This is because an herbal supplement is likely to be free from any sort of a risk of causing side effects on your health. And even if they do cause any side effects, these are likely to be very mild.

Moreover with herbal substances and nutrients, while one is able to get over a sexual dysfunction, one enjoys a much improved health and well being.

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