What a man truly desires from the depth of his heart is to be a better lover. When we take men into perspective, we come to realize that not being able to offer a very satisfying sexual experience to their partners is a cause which leads to anxiety and worry in more cases than not.

But if the sex stamina stays at a high, you’d come to realize that you bond better with your partner and form a link that is deeply nourishing and caring.

Check out these tips so your partner and you notice a difference in no time.


As we take sex stamina into perspective, a strong forearm simply brings about a difference! This becomes all the more important if you prop yourself up for a position.

If you have been into picking up some free weights, you’d be able to do better in your intimate moments!


Irrespective of the sexual position you get into, lower back and abs play a very important role in enabling you to get it right for yourself. Inverted curls, deadlifts and even pushups can go a long distance in helping you enhance ab and lower back strength.


If you have been focused on trying to control ejaculation, deep breathing is a technique which could definitely help. As you breathe deeply, you allow your muscles to relax.

So this allows one to get over premature ejaculation, because one is more likely to ejaculate early if the muscles are tense.


The PC muscle is a terminology which might be new to many. This is nothing but a hammock shaped muscle which stretches from the pubic bone right till the tail bone.

Both, men and women have this muscle, and it forms the pelvic floor.

If the pelvic floor muscle is strong, it makes the erections more prominent. One has a better control over ejaculation, and it makes the orgasms stronger as well.

A very basic exercise for the pelvic floor muscles is to hold these in quick succession, and then release them.

Over time, you’d come to realize that you are able to easily hold the pelvic floor muscle for 5 to 10 seconds. And the sexual stamina would undergo a significant change.


Kegel Exercises work exceedingly well, in particular for women. These strengthen the entire pelvic floor area.

What Kegel actually means is contraction of muscles attached to pelvic bones. As vaginal muscles are strengthened, women find more control. This also prolongs sex and allows women to reach an orgasm more easily.

Doing Kegel exercises is relatively easy. Contract your pelvic muscles and hold them for 5 seconds. Release them when you exhale.

You can start with just 10 or 20 squeezes. If you do at least 100-200 squeezes every day, this would work towards making pelvic floor muscles stronger. You can do kegel at any time of the day, while you sit at your desk, watch television or interact with people.


Sex essentially is an act of endurance. So as one goes about improving one’s cardiovascular fitness with workouts such as cycling running or swimming, one performs better in bed.

In very medical terms, with cardio exercises, one improves blood circulation and the overall effect reflects on your body and muscles as well.

With proper cardio workouts in place, one keeps the heart and arteries healthy and the risk of erectile failure reduces to a great extent. This is achieved as the blood flow to the genitalia increases.

If you have been on a lookout for an effective cardio workout, anything that boosts your heart rate is effective. This may include running, cycling or jogging.

One must ideally go for cardio workouts for at least 30 minutes in a day.

This improves blood flow all through the body, and also warms up the body. One must nevertheless take factors such as age and ailments into consideration before going for any cardiovascular workouts

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