We invariably come to figure out that people are always on a lookout for better sex, a better orgasm or even an improved relationship. But have you ever realized that all this initiates by understanding our deepest desires.

Let’s figure out some of the ways that would spice up your sex life and enable you to get out of the rut.


Small changes could yield huge outcomes. Spicing things up does not necessarily mean getting into a full body bondage makeover! There are some simple ways which could bring about a great deal of a difference.

  • Do it at a time variable from your normal schedule.
  • Check out a new place for sex, such as a new room, maybe on the stairs. Consider the kitchen. Why not on the top of the washing machine.
  • Place pillows under the butt such that you can create new angles for your favorite sex positions.
  • Time duration matters as well. So how about a quickie? Maybe consider the entire afternoon for getting intimate.


When you put your senses into perspective, it is a fine change you could put into consideration. So you may choose to

  • Make eye contact when you get intimate
  • Have sex with lights on
  • With lights off
  • Just by the candlelight
  • Catch porn before you do it
  • Maybe while you do it

Or you may choose to involve yourself with dirty talk. Another sexy idea is to use a blindfold and try not to touch each other.


If you have been on a lookout for ways to reignite the passion in your sex life, it would be a fine idea to temporarily put to halt the behavioral patterns which have now come across as regular and stand by.

Just as an example, choose to ban sex in the missionary position for a month.

Why not try and find joy only through mutual masturbation for a certain period of time.

Knowing that certain things are forbidden could be a super sexy feeling!


Uncertainty and apprehension could be hard to get away with, especially in your intimate moments. You might end up feeling that you should go only for things which you’re sure that you’re gonna love.

Leaving no room for anything new could place a couple in a rut!

So why not go ahead and make room for experiment!

You wouldn’t know it unless you try it. If an idea sounds even remotely interesting, it’s worth going ahead and giving it a shot.

Is it the 69 position? Or does being dominated bring your senses to life?

You gotta give it a try!

It may not end up being a spectacular experience, but some moments of uninterrupted joy with your partner are assured!


Few things could boost your erotica factor than a simple lap or maybe a pole dance. If you haven’t tried it out, keep it in your must do list! That makes it a win-win situation!

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