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8 must-have foods to gain weight

There are millions of people around the world who wants to lose weight, but we must not forget there are also similar number of people who wants to gain weight. Yes, you heard it right! There are people who in spite of eating too much never tend to gain weight. Few might take it as a positive sign as well because they can eat as much as they want, but, medically speaking people who are too skinny are prone to heart failure, cancer, malnutrition, erectile dysfunction, osteoporosis ETC. which is really very dangerous.

These people sometimes in order to gain weight tend to apply unhealthy food habits rather than maintaining a natural way of gaining weight. So, people who are in the process of gaining weight should always maintain a healthy diet, which would not just add weight, but also garner only good fat in the body. Foods that are rich in nutrition supplements should be added to the diet plans, few such foods are:

  1. Salmon: This oily fish is rich in vitamin, omega 3 and protein, which is very essential for the body. They also are said to be a good source of cholesterol in the body which is why a person who wants to gain weight should add this to their diet plan.
  2. Peanut butter: One serving of peanut butter could add up to 192 calories in the body and it is also very rich in protein and fiber. The butter would not just add required fats to your body, but would also keep your stomach full for a longer period of time. You should definitely add it to your morning breakfast list.
  3. Eggs: These come with not just protein, but Vitamin, A, D, E and lots of cholesterol along with it and should be definitely added to your diet list in order to gain weight.
  4. Butter: Since ages butter has been on this list, but you should always keep in mind that this high fat and cholesterol food should be consumed in limited quantity only even though you want to gain weight. Too much of butter can end up affecting your heart in a bad way, but twice a week is good for your health.
  5. Whole wheat bread: One serving of wheat bread could add up to 69 calories to your body. They are also healthy for your heart and body which is why it should be added to your healthy recipe list.
  6. Brown Rice: They have high quantity of fiber and also carbohydrates, which is very good for your body, whether you are trying to gain weight or loss. Add this to your daily serving in order to gain weight and also remain healthy at the same time. 
  7. Oats: According to studies, one bowl of oats is so much full of nutrition and fiber that it is enough for the necessary nutrition in your body for a day. This healthy food item should be definitely added to your daily or alternate food habits.
  8. Chicken breast: This is one of the most healthy food that should be on your gain weight food list. They are not just rich in calories but have lesser fats as well and one serving can add up to 78 calories to your body. 

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