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Sviten Combo pack-2: (1.5-months)

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Say hello SVITEN, goodbye diabetes

SVITEN – it’s a new generation Natural sweetener, Zero calories, great taste and no side effects!

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SVIT’EN Natural Sweetener (Purified Stevia Extract)
Born in Leaf, Not in Lab

SVIT’EN is a new generation Natural Sweetener. Zero calories, great taste with no side effects.

Ingredients: Each tablet contains Purified Stevia Extract as Steviol, Glycoside – 10 mg (Reb A > 60%). Food grade non nutritive excipient – Q.S
Reb-A is 300 times sweeter than sugar

1 Tablet is as sweet as 2 teaspoons of sugar
Add to your taste just before consumption
Free from Saccharin- Aspartame-Sucralose

SVIT’EN Secret:

Nutrients from Earth, Water and Sunrise make Stevia plant grow sweeter day by day.
Stevia is made out of stevia plant (member of chrysynthemum family), native to north eastern Paraguay.
Leaves of Stevia plant are steeped, processed (extracted) to get Reb-A, which gives sweetness of zero calorie marvel.
Presently, it is been in countries like Paraguay, Japan, USA, China, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia etc …
Stevioside has a sweetness of 250 -300 times more than sugar.
SVIT’EN has no side effects as against artificial sweetener.
SVIT’EN natural sweetener is also safe for people with diabetes.

SVIT’EN is also available in:

  1. Tablet for packed in dispenser.
  2. 1 gm sachet
  3. Low cal diet sugar in 1 gm sachet

The Banes of Sugar Consumption

Cutting back on one’s sugar intake is a commonly discussed issue. High sugar levels in our bodies accounts for diabetes, and sugar is also associated with obesity and being overweight.

Alternately, sugar can have many negative effects on our health and well being. It causes inflammation, and is known to induce erratic brain cell firing, wherein the communication between brain cells is altered.

Excessive consumption of sugar has been linked with headaches, hypertension, fluid retention and even depression. But with the present day diet patterns, it could sometimes be tough to avoid excessive consumption of sugar. A major portion of sugar consumption results not from our meals, but from the beverages that we have, and these could include coffee, alcoholic drinks, or even fruit juices.

What makes SVITEN the healthier and better choice over sugar?
SVITEN – It’s The Best Alternative to Sugar!

Stevia Rebaudiana Bertoni is an herb native to Paraguay. The Stevia plant, very often called as Stevia is used for sweetening purposes.
For hundreds of years, Stevia has been used as a sweetener in South America. And this has nowadays come across as the preferred sweetener because it has zero calories and zero carbohydrates. Alternately, Stevia is good for our health.
The sweetest and purest extract of stevia leaf is Rebaudiside A (Reb A). And for creating SVITEN, leaf of stevia plant is steeped and processed to get Reb-A. This provides the sweetness of this zero calorie marvel.
With SVITEN, you can be assured of a healthier lifestyle. And that’s the main reason why SVITEN is preferred, particularly over any of the artificial sweeteners available in the markets.
As of now, SVITEN is used very commonly in countries including Paraguay, US, Japan, China, Australia, Indonesia and India.


What is it that makes SVITEN a smarter choice over sugar?
SVITEN is made using Rebaudiside A (Reb A), the sweetest and purest extract of stevia leaf. Some of the advantages of SVITEN include.

SVITEN: A Boon for Diabetics

A major challenge that is required to be faced when an individual suffers from diabetes is controlling the blood sugar levels, or blood glucose levels in the body. Keeping a check on blood sugar levels in the body enables a diabetes patient to lead a healthy, normal lifestyle, and the same minimises the chances of development of any health related complications to a great extent.
One of the best ways to control blood glucose levels in our bodies is by making a switchover from sugar to SVITEN. SVITEN is a natural sweetener which has zero calories

SVITEN: A Smarter Way to Fight Obesity

For anyone who is looking forward to a healthier lifestyle, and a slimmer and shapelier body, making a switchover from sugar to SVITEN is a great choice.
SVITEN is a zero calorie sweetener, and one of the easiest ways to reduce the carbohydrate content in one’s diet. SVITEN is made from stevia, and thus it is able to replace empty calories present in sugar with nutrients, vitamins and minerals. So the body stays supple, the appetite effectively reduces, and one does not feel the urge to go for high calorie or sugary foods.
This not just keeps one healthier, but it’s the best way to boost up one’s feel good factor. One is able to successfully fight obesity, and also the conditions related with obesity, such as hypertension and even joint pain and arthritis.


  •      In beverages like Tea, Coffee & Milk
  •      For bakery and confectionary products
  •      For lesser calorie meals
  •      Dairy products
  •      Sweets
  •      Cooking
  •      Health drinks pharmaceuticals preparation

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

1.What is the SVITEN natural sweetener?
A.SVITEN is a brand name for a zero calorie natural sweetener. This is made using Reb-A, the best tasting part of Stevia leaf.

2.What is Stevia?
A.Stevia is a plant (member of chrysynthemum family), native to north eastern Paraguay. It has been in use since more than 200 years. This is 250-300 times sweeter than sugar.

3.What are the benefits of natural sweeteners over artificial sweeteners like aspartame?
A.SVITEN is a nature born sweetener as compared to artificial sweeteners. It is a great tasting natural sweetener with zero calories, and has no side effects.

4.Does research support the safe use of SVITEN?
A.More than 85 extensive researches and studies exist for Reb-A, which supports use of Reb-A as a tabletop sweetener.

5.How can SVITEN help in weight management?
A.SVITEN has zero calories. It helps in nutritional management by lowering carbohydrate intake.

6.Who all can use SVITEN?
A.SVITEN can be particularly useful for someone who is a diabetic, athletes, and it works effectively for all health conscious persons. For consumption, SVITEN is safe for people of all age groups, and even pregnant women.

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