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Ruby Gemstone

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For Leo the lucky stone is Ruby

Ruby birthstone is the best gemstone for those who belong to the Sun Sign Leo or those who are influenced by the Sun. Ruby helps to minimize the strong traits of people who are born with a strong influence of the Sun. Such individuals are at times too boastful, arrogant, violent, impulsive and impatient in nature. They are also born with strong leadership qualities with strong communication skills. Ruby helps to channelize their positive traits in the right direction, making life easier for them and also for the people associated with them.

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The gemstone Ruby symbolizes the Sun and thus the stone possesses a lot of energy. It brings prosperity to the wearer, improves their health and well being and also protects a person from evil spirits or energies.

Wearing the Gemstone can bring positivity in the life of a person in the form of favorable support at work as well as at home. The person can become more disciplined and dedicated towards work. They might also be favored with a promotion or attain a strong position in politics.

Pendant: This pendant is made of 92.5% sterling silver and the gemstone is approximately 4.25 carats or more. The Ruby pendant can be worn in any chain or necklace as per your preference.

Ring: A Ruby gem ring is the apt stone for Leos. The ring displayed here is made from 92.5% sterling silver and the gemstone comes in 4.25 carats or more. It is an adjustable ring that can help minimize the strong ill effects of the planet Sun.

The gemstone Ruby is quite apt for Leos as it possesses all the qualities that a true Leo has and gravely helps enhance the nature of the person and bring better prospect in the form of monetary benefits as well as building better relationships.

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