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Relaxify Mini Massager

Quick Overview

Relaxify Mini Massager

- Get a great massage at any time, to suit your convenience!

- A handheld device- small, lightweight, simple to carry and easy to use. Relaxify Mini Massager starts with just a little applied pressure.

- Relieves pain and discomfort with immediate effect, while promoting relaxation and soothing tired muscles.

- Can be easily used by self, no external assistance required!

Relaxify Mini Massager- For getting a pain relieving massage at any time, as per your convenience! Relaxify Mini Massager soothes strained muscles, discharges tension and re-energizes the body- helping you regain vigor and vitality in just a short period of use! 

To enable quick relaxation, Relaxify Mini Massager just needs to be held against fatigued body muscles with a little pressure. It’s the "Massager on the GO"!

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How does Relaxify Mini Massager work?

Relaxify Mini Massager emits high-speed vibrations that help relax strained muscles and eliminates body pain, making it ideal for use by anyone. It can also be termed as a mini vibrator, as it's handy and yet powerful, great for use on journeys, commutes, at home, after your workout and even at office! 

Relaxify Mini Massager adopts the technique of traditional medical masseurs and is designed according to Physics and Bionics.

Technical Specifications


- Handy mini powerful massager can be used at any time to relax your muscles.

- Gets started with just a little applied pressure.

- Small and regular battery operated electric massager.

- Easy to use at anytime and anyplace.

- Can also be used when plugged into an USB.

Battery Requirements: - 3 x 'AAA' 1.5V slim pencil cells.

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