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Prohair- Hair Re-growth Serum (1 Month Supply)

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B.LAB - Hair Re-growth Serum painlessly regrows hair, stops hair loss and thickens hair. Now, B.LAB brings you an easy-to-use 3-in-1 system that guarantees you hair re-growth at fraction of the cost of other alternatives.

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B.LAB brings you an easy-to-use 3-in-1 system that guarantees you hair fall control and hair re-growth at a fraction of cost of any other alternatives. For males and females with premature or early hair loss who are dissatisfied with oils, shampoos or with alternatives that are expensive and potentially painful treatments such as Mesotheraphy or surgical transplants, PROHAIR painlessly and inexpensively regrows hair, stops hair loss and thickens hair, all in the comfort of your home, naturally.

 How B.LAB - Hair Re-growth Serum is different

As we age, 3 things in our body affect rate of hair growth and hair loss, and thus determine how successfully one could manage hair loss control. Firstly, the blood circulation in the scalp decreases, failing to supply nutrients to the hair root matrix for multiplying and growing hair. Second, excess Testosterone gets converted to Di-Hydro-Testosterone (DHT). Third, the collagen that holds your hair in the follicles tends to age, loosens hair anchoring, or could even lead to male pattern baldness. All these 3 reasons lead to hair loss. In some, this occurs faster due to environmental stress, hereditary factors, hard water, stress, diet any many more reasons leading to premature hair loss.

 Triple Action vs. Single Action

So we can agree that the key to a solid hair growth and hair loss prevention solution is that you simply fix all three of the above reasons. Otherwise, that solution is simply not effective. Many popular solutions out there including topical applications such as Minoxidil (brand names Rogaine, Mintop, etc) and Finasteride (brand names Propecia, Proscar, etc) address only one of the 3 reasons.

 Natural vs. Synthetic

Minoxidil and Finasteride are widely selling products, but contains synthetic compounds that are known to create significant side effects. Finasteride has severe side effects in men and women both including erectile dysfunction, impotence, birthing defects and recently FDA has warned about cancer risks. Other options such as surgery are expensive and can go wrong when done in clinics not up to world standards, which by definition are expensive.

 Your hair will love you back!

At B.LAB, we don’t offer miracles. What we offer is sound science, safety and efficacy and continuous advice when you buy our products. Dermatologists with 30+ years of experience helping countless patients develop all our products. You are not alone in this. Thousands of people across more than 400 cities have transformed their beauty and well-being. Take action and see a transformation in your life with PROHAIR.

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