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Our core strength lies in identifying products that provide consumers with long-term benefits, partnering with suppliers, and developing media that helps effectively educate and market these products.

We have successfully partnered with world-class Direct Marketing companies, US & Canadian suppliers to promote their products to South-Asian demographics worldwide and other upcoming markets. We constantly collaborate with product suppliers who are looking to extend their product’s sales cycle into newer demographics and markets.

Our competitive edge includes creating brand awareness by collaborating with experts in the product segment, operational experience (US, U.K, India operations) and exposure to consumer buying patterns (in North America, Europe, Asia-Pac markets).

Partnering model highlight:

 New Market Opportunities identified by you will be assessed for size, demographics, buying habits and we will

 Suggest products and services with high appeal.

Work on a business model (B2C, B2B, Retail etc) that suites your expertise.

Acquire trademark and geography rights from our suppliers to enable you to hit the market running.

Assist you with any documentation for clearance of these products with the local governance.

Marketing (in case of B2C models)

 We will guide you with procuring local media time (TV and other broadcast media).

Consult on Internet based advertising and e-commerce setup.

Produce commercials to suite the local markets .

Product supply and Logistics

 Define your product needs and put together a process to setup the supply chain.

Provide you call center services with well-versed English & South Asian language skills.

Consult with you on Up/Cross selling, Order fulfillment and on New product launches.

Please consult with you if you are looking to extend your product’s sales cycle, need help in establishing into newer geographies or would like

extended business support services.

 You can also contact us on : US/Canada: +1 (732)-440-7100 9:00 am – 5 pm EST (Mon – Fri)

Worldwide: +91-982-093-0565 10:00 am – 7:00 pm IST (Mon – Sat)