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Opal Gemstone

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For Taurus and Libra the lucky stone is Opal

Opal is the primary gemstone for Venus. Venus being the ruler of the Sun Signs Taurus and Libra, Opal is quite beneficial for people who are born under these Sun Signs. The stone is also termed as the birthstone for October, September, April and May. Besides, those individuals who have a week, malefic or even a strong Venus in their Birth Charts can wear this gemstone to enhance the positive effects of the planet. Wearing an Opal would give immense benefits to the wearer. It helps increase the wealth, health, beauty, luxury, comfort, joy and happiness of a person. Opal also possesses medicinal benefits that can help minimize diseases associated kidney, digestion, infertility and other sexual disorders.

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Opal is a substitute of diamond. However, its powers and affects are similar to that of diamond. The best quality of this stone is, unlike diamond which might show negative effects if the stone does not suit the wearer, Opal fail to show those negative effects. Opal is thus a stone in great demand these days because of its positivity and effects. Most astrologers these days recommend Opal if there are problems related to the planet Venus in a person’s horoscope than a diamond. People may later switch to wearing a diamond if the stone suits them and show good results.

Pendant: The Opal Birthstone pendant, also termed as the birthstone for October, September, April and May is made of 92.5% sterling silver and the stone is approximately 4.25 carat of more. The pendant can be worn in any chain or necklace as per your preference.

Ring: Libras and Taurus’ can adorn Opal Birthstone rings. It brings well-being to the wearer. This adjustable opal ring is made from 92.5% Sterling Silver and the gemstone comes in 4.25 carats or more.

Before adorning any gemstone one should be aware of the right procedure that one need to follow this includes, purifying the gemstone, performing a pooja before wearing it and also wearing it on the right day to attain maximum benefits from the stone.

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