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GLO is a scientifically designed and laboratory tested brand that helps restore your original skin texture and bring a healthy and positive shine in your complexion. It lightens dark skin and also corrects uneven skin tone, hyper-pigmentation, age spots, dark circles, inflammation and redness. It is a complete skin care regime, which is less time consuming and shows visible results in just a few days of its application.

GLO fairness system is planned in a way that it works throughout the day. With a 10-minute regime it enhances the radiance of your skin, making it spotless, pure and blemish-free. The 3-step application of GLO cleanses, treats and hydrates the skin, which in a way address all you skin problems and enhance your overall appearance.  The system is designed with the help of the latest technology and decades of research with real patients. It is thus a trustworthy product that is made available at your doorsteps and can be used in the comfort of your homes.

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GLO Ingredients: A lot of research and studies has been formulated by experts to combine the ingredients of GLO. The ingredients are clinically tested and scientifically advanced thereby showing the best results to the user, which includes:

  • Undecylenoyl Phenylalanine – for skin whitening
  • Morus Alba Root Extract – for skin whitening
  • Salicylic Acid – for new skin generation/ anti-microbial
  • Natural Extracts – for new skin generation/ anti-microbial
  • Vitamin E – work as anti-ageing as well as for skin sensitivity
  • BHT/ BHA – work as anti-ageing as well as for skin sensitivity
  • Multi-Mineral Cocktail
  • Lipo Amino Acid + Minerals
  • Benzophenon – for sun protection
  • Avobenzone – for sun protection
  • Titanium Di-oxide
  • XylitylGlucoside – for barrier protection


Tips for best Use:

  • Make sure that you use fewer quantities of the product ranging from 1 to 2 ml as every single drop of its content is packed with essential ingredients
  • To see visibly quick results also use GLO Radiance Booster Masque and the Pigmentation Spot Corrector
  • To ensure that you do not miss out on the benefits of the product every single day, make it a habit to carry it in your bag. This will ensure the continuous use GLO at work or on holidays
  • In order to check the sensitivity of a product perform a patch test on the back of your wrist or your forearm
  • On the day the product is delivered to you, you would receive a call from our representatives who can give you a personalize regime on the use of the product based on your skin texture or skin type, age and skin sensitivity. You need to ensure that your follow this regime as advised.
  • For any doubts, queries or practices, call or email us with the concern.


A fair, clear, and glowing complexion is idolized by many because of the appreciation one gathers, and also for the confidence that comes with it. People with fairer skin are always on the spotlight. Besides, there is no hiding the fact that most people wish to have fair skin as there is a huge demand for such products in the market. Most fairness products come with false claims to lighten your skin tone and other impurities of the skin, however, the results are not simply satisfying.

So, what’s new in GLO?

A three step complete fairness system:

  1. Step 1: Cleanse, with GLO Clarifying Skin Wash

    Wash your skin twice in a day with GLO Clarifying skin wash. It can be used once in the morning and in the evening, as your skin takes a lot in the day from dust, pollution, bacteria, stress, sun expose and other external impurities. Using this skin wash opens up the pores of your skin, cleanses the skin from deep within, and destroys all the bacteria present on the skin, which is usually not attained through soap, water and other normal cleansers.

    Benefits of GLO Clarifying Skin Wash:
  • Improves skin surface
  • Cleans bacteria and unclogs pores
  • Visibly improves skin surface
  • Readies skin for treatment
  1. Step 2: Treat with GLO Brightening UV skin cream

    Skin melanin and sun exposures turn our skin pigment dark. GLO Brightening UV skin defense cream controls the melanin of the skin which is the root cause for dark skin. It also gives UV protection from the sun, which can further reduce the damage caused by the sun.

GLO brightening UV skin care goes deep into the skin and treats the skin to bring a refreshing change to it. It also protects the skin from UV rays to retain the skin’s texture.

Benefits of GLO Brightening UV skin cream:

  • Rapidly lightens skin
  • Reduce dark spots
  • Protects from the harmful sun
  • Controls pre-mature ageing signs
  • Contains Vitamins
  1. Step 3: Hydrate, with GLO brightening night cream

GLO brightening night cream retains the moisture of your skin and brings a pleasant glow to your lifeless skin. The product works 24/7 to give a fair glow and brightness to your skin. It hydrates your facial skin at night, which in short works while you rest.

Benefits of GLO brightening night cream:

  • Lightens the skin during night
  • Moisturizes skin without oiliness
  • Lightens the hyper-pigmented area
  • Balances your skin

With just 10 minute to this routine, you might get fairness for a life!
You also get with this pack, 2 bonus products:

Radiance Booster Masque, which offers:

  • Safe skin lightening
  • Positive skin relief
  • Contains Vitamin E

Pigmentation Spot corrector, which facilitate:

  • Reduce dark spots
  • Contains melanin blocker
  • Even skin tone

GLO is a Dermatologist developed product that helps reduce skin darkening by going deep into the root cause of the skin. It is a combination of high quality natural products, intense clinical research and the best scientific upshot in the form of a triple action brightening system. GLO stands true to the saying that Beauty is unique; however, you may also attain it with efforts.


You believe it or not the brightness of my skin has also added shine to my business. I am a door to door salesman for vacuum cleaner. However, pollution and sun tan had deteriorated my skin to such an extent that one look at my face and the door would be shut on my face. I struggled to break the ice or open a conversation with people to perform my job responsibilities, and even if I managed to buy time from the customers, the end result was nil. My manager one day suggested that in sales you need to have a better appearance backed with a good personality for people to atleast listen to what you wish to talk. I tried glow intense brightening’s 1, 2, and 3 system and my life changed since then. Now all closed doors are opened with just one look at me. This has also tremendously helped increase my confidence and performance. My success and conversion ratio has increased to such an extent that within 6 months I have been promoted to become the territory manager of my region.

All my friends use to say, “Kavita your features are good, but the only problem is your skin color”. I had no solution to it and thereby I use to keep mum. I tried a lot of cream and imported stuff, however, nothing worked. Then one day I came across GLO and it has been life changing for me. I received a job in a multinational company, and my friends say that I am not Kavita but her fair sister!!!

Before marriage I use to take a lot of care of my skin. However, after a year of marriage and the innumerable responsibilities and baggage’s associated with this bond I started ignoring my skin care regime. It reflected on my spouse’s behavior as he started creating distance from me, and this was a true eye-opener. From that day I took a resolution that I would take good care of myself and also my skin. I ordered glow intense brightening system and it has been life changing. Now my husband is so excited about being around me that he behaves as if we are newly married. Glow has added colors into my life.

My skin wasn’t dark from childhood. However, during teenage spending a lot of time under the sun had tanned my skin to such an extent that it fell under the category of dark skin. I never thought that I could restore my skin to my original texture, because it has taken innumerable years to sun exposure. Besides, most creams failed to give results even after regular use at length. One of my close friends told me about the effects of GLO and how it has changed the lives of many. Though reluctant in the beginning because of my intense damaged skin I tried it as a final option. However, within a few days of its application I literally saw visible changes in my skin texture and also its glow. I have been gathering compliments since then and the experience is just fabulous!!!


Generally Indian skin complexion is wheatish, dark or very dark. The skin further darkens owing to external factors such as the weather and pollution. We are generally not dark from childhood. One cannot restore your natural complexion because as time passes, the skin tends to be darker and the quality of the skin also deteriorates, owing to dust, pollution and the hazardous ultra violet rays of the sun. Your lifestyle and food habits as well contribute towards the downfall of the skin texture.  GLO is formulated in such a way that it helps restore the skin texture as it is a product made from many years of clinical research. It is apt for all skin types and has no side effects.


  1. Can GLO be taken internally?
    No. GLO is not for internal use. GLO is made only for topical application, which can only be applied externally on your skin.
  2. When will I see results from GLO/ For how long should I use GLO?
    The results from GLO vary as per your skin type, the pigmentation level and the affected skin condition owing to sun exposure. Some may experience immediate results whereas others might take some time to experience a change in their skin complexion. Nevertheless GLO shows visible results from 2 weeks to 2 months of its application. You may opt to discontinue the use of the product it you had attained the desired results of your skin texture. All the same GLO is gentle and safe and can be used as your regular skin care regime as long as you wish.
  3. Does GLO show results on very dark skin?
    GLO does show results on very dark skin. In some cases it may take a little longer to reach your desired skin complexion or color. You need to also limit your exposure to sunlight when using GLO.
  4.  Is there any side effect of the product?
    GLO is safe to use for all skin types, not matter how sensitive your skin is. It is formulated it in such as a way it shows results on even the most sensitive skins without any signs of irritation. However, there may exist a small chance of side effects among some people who have extremely sensitive skin type or those who are allergic to lightening ingredients. In such cases one may experience mild redness on the skin or a stinging feeling in the first few days of its application until your skin is adjusted with the regime. We also recommend you to perform a sensitivity test by applying a small amount of the product on your neck or arm or both for a period of 3 days. If you experience any of the above symptoms you need to discontinue its use and get in touch with our advisors who can guide you with the right action. Also make a note that our advisors contact you on the day the product is delivered to you and advise you a personalized regime as per your skin type which is safest and shows effective results.   
  5.  Is the product comfortable to use for all skin types?
    Yes. GLO is an appropriate skin regime that suits all skin types. Its anti-inflammatory and anti-environmental qualities make it a better choice for all types of skin.
  6. Can we use GLO on the body?
    GLO is basically designed for facial skin.  You may use it on hyper-pigmented areas of the body, however, the results might not be the same as that on your facial skin.

    Life is received only once and thereby we need to ensure that you lead it with satisfaction and inner happiness. However, your skin color and completion should not come in the way as a hindrance, because appearances are surely not deceptive. A person’s skin texture and complexion does matter a lot in all aspects of life, be it marriage, making friends, and also to make your presence felt. With a little care and attention one can surely attain it, especially if you come across the best products or follow a healthy regime to enhance your looks and bring a positive change in your persona.

With GLO you also get a fairness check dairy where you can note your daily progress regularly.  


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