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1)      Question: Where is our office located?

Answer: Our registered office is in the state of Massachusetts USA. The complete address is

TeleSky Shopping Inc 

P.O Box 554

North Chelmsford, MA - 01863

(978) 801 3605.

9:00 am – 5:00 pm Eastern Time, Monday to Friday.


2)      Question: Where is TeleSky’s contact center located?

Answer: Our registered office is based in Massachusetts USA. The contact center is based in India.


3)      Question: Where will the products be shipped from?

Answer: The products will be shipped from our US Warehouse. In case of low inventory, the product will be directly shipped from our India office in Mumbai. 


4)      Question: How long will it take to deliver the product?

Answer: When shipped from the US office, we use UPS Ground or USPS. These deliveries take approximately 5 working days.

When shipped from India, the package will still be delivered by one of the major carriers, but this will take close to 14 - 21 working days.


5)      Question: How secure is my credit card information?

Answer: TeleSky Shopping Inc uses Paypal as our payment gateway, and as you know Paypal is an Industry leader in payment processing. When we process your order, we only keep your shipping and email related information on our secure server. Payment related information is directly fed on Paypal’s secure page, and after a successful transaction, you will receive an email from our store and one from Paypal.


6)      Question: What if my credit card information is stolen?  

Answer: We guarantee that every online transaction you make with us will be "100% safe". This means you have zero liability if unauthorized charges are made to your card as a result of shopping at our store – online or phone. However, in the event of unauthorized use of your credit card, you must notify your card provider in accordance with its reporting rules and procedures. Please refer to the links “Payment Security” and “Privacy Policy” for more details 


7)      Question: Can I pay using a personal check (bank cheque)?

Answer: Yes. You can make checks payable to “TeleSky Shopping Inc”.

Please mail the checks to:

                        TeleSky Shopping Inc

                        P.O Box 554

                        North Chelmsford, MA – 01863

Please mention your name, telephone number and the product you are ordering.


Once our office receives the check and has deposited it, we ship the product based on availability. In case of returns, the company will send you a check for the cost of the product only. 


8)      Question: What do you mean “based on availability?”

Answer: It may so happen that we may have the item in stock at the time you placed the order via phone. But by the time we receive and deposit your check, the inventory status may have changed. TeleSky Shopping will make every attempt to fulfill the order with high priority. This may also involve getting the product shipped directly from our India office - at no additional cost to you.


9)      Question: Can I deposit cash at the bank?


Answer: Yes.  TeleSky Shopping banks with “Bank of America”. Please contact us at (978) 801 3605, and we will assist you with instructions. 

In case of returns, the company will send you a check for the cost of the product only. 


10)   Question: What is your Return Policy?


Answer: Each of the products shipped from TeleSky Shopping has a separate return policy, as mentioned on its product description page. You can find a general overview of our return policies at the ‘Returns & Refunds’ section.


11)   Question: Are the prices reflected on your website in Canadian dollars?

Answer: No. All prices reflected on TV and at this website are in US dollars. However, your credit card will be charged in Canadian dollars based on Paypal’s conversion rate. 


12)   Question: Is there a sales tax on top of the product price?

Answer: Sales tax is charged only for customers with a shipping address in the state of MA (Massachusetts) USA. The tax rate for MA is 5%. For all other customers, there will be no sales tax. 


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