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Emerald Birthstone

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For Gemini and Virgo the lucky stone is Emerald

Emerald is a popular gemstone and is in great demand these days. The stone, which is ideally green in color, reduces the evil effects of the planet Mercury. Mercury being the ruling planet of the Sun Sign Gemini and Virgo, Emeralds are most often recommended to people who are born under these Sun Signs. The stone is ideally termed as May birthstone/ June birthstone/ August birthstone and September birthstone.

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The Gemstone Emerald has many positive benefits and it brings prosperity in the life of the wearer. It also makes the wearer wise and intelligent to take the best monetary decisions in one’s life. Besides it brings mental peace, motherhood and physical well being to the person who adorns this gem. Apart from this, it is believed that Emeralds help to increase the life span of the person, and bring recognition and fame. It makes the wearer secure in their job or business.

Emerald birthstone of may is a precious gem. The price of this gem can at times be many times more than the value of a diamond. Therefore most people are content with smaller stones when it comes to Emerald. It is a soft, delicate stone, which is light in weight and thus needs to be handled with care. The texture and color of this May birthstone/ June birthstone/ August birthstone and September birthstone has also added to the style quotient of this gem.

Pendant: The unpleasant effects of Mercury can very well be controlled through an Emerald sterling silver jewelry ring. Thus Emerald is the best gemstone for people who are born under the Sun Signs Gemini and Virgo. The Emerald pendant displayed here is made of 92.5% sterling silver and the stone is approximately 4.25 carat of more. The pendant can be worn in any chain or necklace as per your preference.

Ring: Emerald rings are believed to promote the thinking capabilities of a person. However, it enhances a few traits of Mercury. This adjustable emerald ring is made from 92.5% Sterling Silver and the gemstone comes in 4.25 carats or more.

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