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Quick Overview

Clearx – One of the Most Effective and Comprehensive Acne Solutions

Remove pimples in just 3 easy steps with Clearx.

  1. Cleanse, with Clearx oil control skin wash

  2. Treat, with Clearx oil control complexion gel

  3. Hydrate, with Clearx skin balance night gel

It also comes with a Healing Clarifying Masque and Acne Spot Corrector

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Clearx Ingredients:

Clearx has been made from a combination of clinically tested and the most scientifically advanced ingredients by B.LABs. It includes:

  • Salicylic Acid
  • Lemon Extract
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Neem
  • Royal Jelly
  • Amino Acids and Cinnamon Extracts
  • Zinc Gluconate
  • Vitamin E
  • Multi-Mineral Cocktail
  • Lipo Amino Acid + Minerals
  • Benzophenon
  • Avobenzone
  • XylitylGlucoside
  • Kaolin


Tips for Best Use:

Use the product in small quantities, i.e., 1-2 ml, as each drop of the product is loaded with potential ingredients
For swift results, use the Clearx Healing Clarifying Masque and Acne Spot Corrector
Always ensure to carry Clearx with you even during office hours for continuous use and improvement
Perform a patch test on your wrist or forearm to check skin sensitivity
On delivery you get a call from B.LAB advisors, who would help personalize the usage of the product as per your age, skin type and sensitivity. Follow these guidelines as it would show better results.


One can get pimples at any age, irrespective of the gender. However, there is a reason behind getting them. Breakouts can be caused owing to stress, tension, pollution, sweat, vitamin deficiency, unhealthy food habits, or even hormonal changes. With proper care, diet, life style and the right treatment you may get rid of the most intense acne problem.

Most people get worried with the onset of pimples. Some also go into depression and avoid meeting people as it hampers their self confidence in a major way. In a bid to get relief from their problems they use innumerable products and various remedies that come their way. This at times might only deteriorate the skin texture or worsen the problem in most cases as the skin pores might get clogged or blocked, letting no air to breathe for the skin. During such a stage we need an oil control system, such as that offered by Clearx. Clearx works in the most systematic way to get rid of acne and pimples.

Clearx is a complete acne system that fights the root cause of acne in 3 easy steps. It cleans, treats, repairs and protects your skin in its 3 step application, and has shown proven results in more than 400 cities. The 3-step formula is developed by top dermatologists who have combined their 30 plus years of clinical experience in inventing this product. The use of the latest ingredients and technology has gone into its making, which includes organic and scientifically tested natural components. It is suitable for adults as well as teenagers, is cruelty free, and also free from parabens.

The three-step application of Clearx

Step 1: Cleanse, with Clearx oil control skin wash

Ordinary face washes, soap, water and cleansers only cleanse the outer layer of the skin leaving the skin dry, which further aggravates your skin condition. Clearx oil control face wash penetrates deep into the skin and opens the skins pores. It removes dead skin and bacteria and other residue from the skin. It provides an effective treatment to the skin in the gentlest manner. One needs to cleanse your skin twice a day with Clearx – once in the morning and before bed time so that your face is hygienically cleansed. Cleaning your face with Clearx skin wash completes the first step of the treatment.

Step 2: Treat, with Clearx oil control complexion gel

With step two, i.e., oil control complexion gel you treat your skin. After the skin is cleansed it is ready to be treated with this complexion gel. This gel helps control the oil producing gland in the skin, i.e., the sebaceous gland. Sebaceous gland is the root for acne and pimples, and the gel helps to destroy this gland, besides giving UV protection to the skin to reduce the damage caused by the Sun. Apply the complexion gel at the start of the day. The gel works for 9 hours. If you wash your face any time in the day, you need to apply it once again.

Clearx oil control complexion gel provides the following benefits:

  • Reduces Scars
  • Reduce Blackheads
  • Reduces Whiteheads
  • Reduces Pimples
  • Controls Oil
  • Sun Protection - UVA/ UVB
  • Anti-Ageing
  • Smoother, Healthier Skin
  • Improved Tone and Smoothness.

Step 3: Hydrate, with Clearx skin balance night gel

Step three is the maintenance. As said prevention is better than cure, this step would help prevent the sprouting of new pimples and acne, making your skin clear and blemish free every passing day. This step includes hydrating your skin, before going to bed. Clearx skin balance night gel acts as a moisturizer and protector, which works while your sleep. Apply skin balance night gel followed by cleansing before bedtime and leave it overnight.

Acne and pimples makes your skin weak and lifeless. The night gels helps restore the skins elasticity and glow making it look younger and beautiful. Since the root cause of acne and pimples is controlled, your worries regarding pimples and its re-growth is on a whole vanished.

Clearx skin balance night gel offers the following benefits:

  • Strengthens skin
  • Controls oil
  • Balances skin
  • Reduces scars
  • Anti-ageing
  • Smoother, healthier skin


Hi, I am Saurabh and I am 18 years old. I had been getting a lot of pimples all over my face for some time and because of this I used to avoid talking to people. However, with Clearx 1, 2, 3, formula, my skin showed immediate results in just 30 days. Now my skin is smooth and spot free and most wonder what has bought such a positive change in my skin and my personality. I feel confident now to approach people and have attained a lot of popularity as well in my college.

I am Mahesh Kumar, I love eating. I am a big foodie. However, whenever I ate oily or outside food, I used to get pimples on my face. I failed to understand whether to control food or pimples. Then I came across Clearx treatment formula, which worked wonders on my skin. It treats your skin 27*7 with a very simple routine. Nevertheless I have to keep a check on my diet to attain maximum benefits from this product.

Hi, I am Nagesh. When I crossed 30, I thought I won’t get any pimples. I work as a Sales Executive in a Marketing Company, and thereby I have to travel in the Sun everyday for about 10 hours. I used to see a new pimple every other day on my face, and I didn’t know what was to be done about it. A friend of mine suggested me to use Clearx and since then there is no looking back. My facial skin and its texture has also increased many folds besides taking care of my pimples. Apart from this my sales are going up as it has added charm to my personality. Thanks to Clearx.

I am an aerobic instructor. I take classes as well as I am a private instructor. However, I used to get acne or pimples on my face even with a healthy body and lifestyle. Thanks to Clearx, I have been rewarded with a glowing skin and what are pimples, by the way???

My facial skin has changds massively after pregnancy. Initially I never had so many pimples, however, after pregnancy I started getting pimples. I consulted my family doctor and was informed that the cause for pimples in my case is due to hormonal changes. She also introduced me to this product called Clearx. Clearx being a medically tested and safe product it is suitable for all skin types, and no matter what your condition is it gives immense results.

Suggestions: Sweat and Stress can be one of the reasons to get pimples. The stress to meet deadlines, and a hectic lifestyle at times lead to pimples. Clearx help to restore your skin condition and take all kind of efforts to ensure that pimples and acne are kept at bay. Its cleanses, treats and hydrates your skin in its 3-step application making your skin supple and ready to meet the harsh weather or your internal bodily changes.

Care for your skin is a must. Even if you are 14 or 40, everyone has to take proper care and attention to your skin. Clearx has anti-aging system which makes your skins beautiful and retains its youth.


  1. Is the Clearx system apt for male skin?

Pimples do not appear or differentiate between male and female skin type. Clearx has come up with this system with many years of research and thereby it is apt for both male and female skin. It ensures that you are free from blemishes and pimples in the least possible time. Just give 10 minutes of your time in a day for this routine and sort out all your skin problems.

  1. Do we need to discontinue its usage once the pimples are gone?

In order to ensure that your body remains fit, one has to indulge into continuous exercises. In the same way, to ensure that you skin remains blemish free and youthful, one has to continue its usage even after the pimples are gone. Clearx also offers other benefits that can help slow down the ageing process, making you look good every passing year.

  1. Does Clearx work on severe acne?

The Clearx formula show better results for mild to moderate acne. However for severe acne we advise you to consult a dermatologist and use the product simultaneously as a maintenance routine. You need to first take a test to ensure the severity of your acne and grade it accordingly.

  1. Does the product have any side effects?

Clearx has no apparent side effects and can be used for long term as well. With continued usage it may also keep signs of ageing a bay.

  1. Is Clearx suitable for all skin types?

Clearx is safe for all skin types, including the most sensitive skins. It is made up of anti-inflammatory and anti-environmental actives, which is most suitable for all skin types.

  1. Does the product help tackle body acne?

Yes, certainly. Clearx can be used on other acne prone areas such as shoulder, chest and back of your body.

  1. Is it an internal medication?

Clearx cannot be taken internally. It is used only for topical application on the skin.  


Clearx believes that the face of a person defines their life and destiny. The three step magic of this product is fabulous for people with all kind of skin problems arising from acne or pimples. It is suitable for all age groups, and genders. It is also apt for all skin type, i.e, a matured skin or a sensitive skin. Clearx effectively and gently works on all your skin problems and it has shown visible results as most people have attained the benefits of this product. 

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