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  • Basic Warm-up Exercise Routine – Part 3


    After the push-ups, the next warm-up exercise is the basic crunch. You may choose to use a floor mat for the basic crunch. In the resting position, lie on your back with your knees bent and soles of the feet on the floor. Basic crunch Put your hands...Read more


  • Basic Warm-up Exercise Routine – Part 2


    The next warm up exercise is the lunge or the front lunge. Stand with feet placed at hip width and your shoulders relaxed. Lunges a. Take a long step ahead with your right leg. b. Bend your right knee. The right heel should take the body weight when...Read more


  • Basic Warm-up Exercise Routine


    Some effective warm up exercises that can work very well for our fitness and health:- Start by standing straight, with your feet at hip width and your shoulders relaxed. Stretch the arms out and rotate the wrists ten times. Then, rotate the arms to...Read more


  • What Are General Warm Up Exercises?


    Sometimes there are some predefined ways to warm-up. These warm ups are broadly classified as general ways of warm-up, and these work effectively, irrespective of the type of exercise a person may intend to go for. The generalized warm up exercises r...Read more


  • Benefits of Some Everyday Exercise


    Benefits of Some Everyday Exercise Just some everyday exercise and a regular exercise regime, it can do one a world of good! This could work wonders for one’s feel good factor, fitness, and it even ensures better sleep. Some daily workout would no...Read more


  • Importance of a Proper Warm up before a Workout


    Before our exercise routine, we sometimes feel like skipping the warm up session. But warm ups form an important part of workouts! The right kind of warm up prepares you for the workout, both mentally and physically. Warm ups raise the body temperat...Read more


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