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What Is Your Body Pain Trying To Tell You?


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How often does it happen that you come to realize that just after a short walk, the hip feels a little sore or you experience a knee pain upon climbing the stairs?

Joint disorders are more common than otherwise believed, and at least one in every three of us would suffer from joint degeneration or inflammation in our lifetimes.

Osteoarthritis stays as the most common form of arthritis. While the symptoms are more likely to show once an individual is over 40 years of age, it can affect younger age groups as well.

The more traditional viewpoint explains osteoarthritis as a direct outcome of normal wear and tear which occurs with aging. Alternately, sports and related joint injuries could also do similar kind of damage, in particular if one has spent a large number of years playing high intensity sports, or if one has been a runner.

However with advancement in medical science, doctors have come to realize that osteoarthritis could be caused as a result of chronic inflammation as resulting from other health conditions which could be obesity, hormonal imbalance or allergies.

But one must listen to one’s body and correspondingly work towards healing the joint pain, irrespective of whether or not it is related to osteoarthritis, and irrespective of one’s age!

Here are some of the very basic ways of treating joint pain:

Go For Foods That Aren’t Acidic   

Avoid acidic food items Avoid acidic food items

At times, pain and stiffness in joints is caused by an overly acidic body. And an acidic diet makes one more prone to inflammation, which is the underlying cause of body aches as well.

Most of the foods could be classified under acidic or alkalizing groups. While fresh fruits and veggies tend to be more alkalizing, coffee, alcohol, soft drinks, cocoa and processed foods, such as white flour and foods that contain sugar tend to be more acidic.

As you work towards reducing the acidic foods in your diet, pain and stiffness could reduce significantly over time.

Work With Your Body & Not Against It!! 

Right kind of exercise Right kind of exercise

It’s all about listening to one’s body! If you come to realize that exercise is actually causing you pain, it just might be the time to take a break.

You may even choose to go for a different type of an exercise while your body gets a chance to recover.

Avoid Being A Couch Potato!!   

Keep Moving Keep Moving

Ultimately, it’s all about striking the right balance. While increasing heart rate and circulation helps dislodge toxins, on the other hand, too much exercise could lead to joint strain or injury. Just because you have pain doesn't really mean you have completely stop the movement. A little here and there wont harm anyway.


But on the flip side, not exercising enough could lead to weakened muscles and joints.

So one has to balance one’s exercise routine and go for low impact, joint friendly exercises like walking, swimming and cycling and this would help you look after your body and ease inflammation.

It is always beneficial to add in some range-of–motion exercises like yoga, and you must take full two days off from all physical activity whenever you feel the pain.

Going for a massage once every week would help, and so would a nice hot bath with Epsom salts added to it! A naturally effective remedy is to treat such pain with oil made out of herbal ingredients. One such classic example is Bhairav Pain Care Kit. Its Natural ingredients and regular massage has great pain relief. 




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