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SVITEN: The New Generation Natural Sweetener


Sviten natural sachets-combo pack 1 Sviten natural sachets-combo pack 1

Over the previous few years, we have all come across innumerable news reports and television features which talk about sugar, excessive consumption of sugar, and the ill effects that it could have on our health.

And in effect, the entire buzz has a background attached with it. In the past couple of decades, cases of diabetes, the numbers of people who are obese, and other obesity related lifestyle disorders, including hypertension and arthritis, have increased many times over.


The Culprit Is Excessive Consumption of Sugar


Statistics show that teenagers in United States consume over 19 teaspoons of sugar every day, whereas the permissible limit of sugar consumption, for maintaining a good health is only 6-8 teaspoons per day.

The source of this sugar is not just desserts & candies, but also soft drinks and fruit juices. Alternately, many people get a high dosage of sugar from their early morning tea or late evening coffee.


Do Natural Sugar Substitutes Hold The Answer?

A switchover to natural sweeteners is often considered to be right way to minimize sugar consumption is our diet. With natural sweeteners, one can reduce the calorie intake, and keep the blood sugar levels in check.

This is sure to work great, in particular if one is afflicted by diabetes, or if one is fighting obesity or hypertension.


SVITEN: The Healthier and Better Choice over Sugar

SVITEN has often been called as the new generation natural sweetener, and is completely free from artificial sweeteners. The key ingredient in SVITEN is Rebaudiside A (Reb A), the sweetest and purest extract of stevia leaf.


SVITEN: A Boon for Diabetics

Whenever an individual is afflicted with diabetes, a major challenge which needs to be taken care of is keeping the blood glucose levels, or blood sugar levels in check.

When the blood sugar levels are in check, a diabetes patient can lead a healthier and normal lifestyle, and it also allows one to prevent the development of any health related complications to a great extent.

Sviten is an ideal sugar substitute, a natural sweetener which has zero calories, and that makes Sviten one of the best ways for a diabetes patient to keep his blood sugar levels in check.


SVITEN: The Best Way to Fight Obesity

If one wants to shed the extra kilos, and get a slimmer and a shapelier body, SVITEN is the best way to achieve the same. Being a zero calorie natural sweetener, with SVITEN, one can easily reduce the calorie count in one’s diet.

And more importantly, the key ingredient in SVITEN is Stevia, which replaces the empty calories present in sugar with minerals, vitamins and micro nutrients. So when one uses SVITEN as a sweetener, the body stays supple.

Correspondingly, one is able to curb one’s appetite, and one is not tempted to go for sugary dishes or salty snacks. And that works very effectively in ensuring that one is able to get over obesity, lead a healthier lifestyle, and also has a slimmer and shapelier body that one always wanted.


How Does One Use SVITEN?

You could use SVITEN in any way that you use sugar. You could use it for tea, coffee or milk, or for bakery or confectionary products. Similarly, this works very well for preparation of sweets or lesser calorie meals.

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