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Healthy Diet Tips for Diabetic People



Have you been detected of diabetes and now are in constant tension, as to what food to eat and what not to?  Well, its time you stop being too worried about your diet and enjoy your life because we are going to tell you few diet secrets that would let you live a balanced and healthy life. Being diabetic doesn't mean you should feel deprived from the food you love; the only secret to it is to eat healthy and balance your calorie intake. There are various alternative medicines like Gymnedine and sweeteners like Honey Omega which could help you to keep your sugar level in control. But the first thing is that once you get used to the fact that diabetes is going to be your partner for the rest of your life, you can hang on to the fact that your lifestyle is going to change for good.

Here are a few recipes that would surely let you relax and concentrate more on better things of your life:

Healthy Diet Tips


  1. Whole grain: Remember always that organic food like oats, millets, wheat, grains and grams should always be included in your daily food habits. These fibers are rich in protein and low in calories, which make them best ingredients in your diet plan. But, if you always had a secret love for pasta and noodles, which are not good for your health, always check that you accompany them with vegetables and sprouts.
  2. Vegetables rich in high fiber: Add lots of herbs and spices in your diet, like broccoli, spinach, peas, beans and lots of leafy vegetables. Vegetables are healthy even for the general people and for you; especially they help lower the sugar levels. Pulses with sprouts are the best food to start with in the early morning as their effect on the glucose level is very less compared to any food with carbohydrate that you consume.
  3. Milk: Your blood sugar levels have to be always kept in control and milk is an ingredient that has a rich combination of protein and carbohydrates which is very beneficial to control the normal sugar levels. Have two servings of milk every day, which would aid to your liquid diet habits.
  4. Omega 3: This is very much essential for all human beings, due to its monounsaturated fats which are beneficial for the body. A diabetic patient should include food which is rich in omega 3 to their diet, like fatty fish, flaxseed oil, walnut, soybeans and spinach. They are Tran’s fat free and low in cholesterol.
  5. Fruits: Not all fruits would be your friend now; you should start saying goodbye to fruits like mangos, banana and grapes as they have high sugar in them. Consume them in lesser quantities and add fruits which are rich in fiber, such as papaya, apple, pear, orange and guava.

Non-Vegetarian: We know there are people who cannot imagine their diet without non-vegetarian in their plate. Well, its time you start decreasing your quantity and add more chicken and seafood rather than red meat which has a high amount of saturated fats in it and which is not beneficial for your health.

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