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12 aphrodisiac to boost fertility


musli-power-extraThere are millions of products around the world which is consumed by people either to boost their energy or enhance your stamina or increase your vitality. Every other day there comes a new product with various essentials in it to boost our metabolism. Few claims to be an Ayurvedic with no side effects and few herbals which are 100% vegetarian, but the list goes on. While some products like Musli power xtra do actually work, but there are many that are marketed in vain. Improving your fertility level and making your married life more fun could be an easy task. All you need to do is maintain a healthy eating schedule and life would be as easy as ever.


Feast on these aphrodisiacs and sample out if what science claims in actually true. Make your family life healthier, better and happier with these easy 12 essentials:


Red chili: This bright red color exotic food has been considered since as a symbol of love. According to science red chili has compounds that stimulate Endorphins, which help speed the heart rate and increase blood circulation. Thus arousing you in the process.


Avocado: Since ages this pear shaped beauty fruit has been counted in the list of aphrodisiacs. They are filled with vitamin E which is the main reason behind the vigor and energy boost to people who consume them. With regular consumption, it churns out a wide number of hormones to the blood stream, like estrogen, testosterone and progesterone.


Chocolate: Whether or not we miss out on anything else but chocolate is sure to be on the top. Even its aroma is so sensual and mouth-watering. Its taste, aroma and contents trigger the dopamine of the body which is the main reason to induce feelings of pleasure in one.


Oysters: You must have never thought this would make the list, but it did. Oysters have zinc elements in them, which are a mineral that can boost the production of testosterone level in the body, thus sparking your intimate life and also ultimately helping you in pregnancy.


Pomegranate: This red passion fruit is filled with anti-oxidants which is not just healthy for your overall immune system but also help protect the linings of the blood vessels. The fruit can help course the blood circulation and increases the genital sensitivity.


Wine: Have you ever seen any romantic date from a movie scene without red wine? Yes, wine has always been a complement to spice up the good times spend with your lover. Besides helping in controlling type-2 diabetes, it also contains Resveratrol, which is an antioxidant that improves the blood circulation during intercourse and thus boost vitality.


Banana: This yellow fruit contains bromelain in it, which is an enzyme that could help trigger the testosterone production of the body. It also has a high amount of vitamin B and potassium that enhance your energy levels and stamina as well.


Honey: This sweet and tasty product contains boron in it, which is a compound that rejuvenates the estrogen and testosterone levels, thus turning into a natural diet to boost your energy and stamina level.


Coffee: Caffeine has always been considered to be a stimulant that increases the blood flow and the heart rate of a body. Studies suggest that regular caffeine in your diet plan could revitalize your body and create a romantic mood in females.


Olive: For centuries, olive has been considered a healthy diet for people. It has a rich amount of antioxidants, vitamin C polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats which are good for your heart, blood flow as well as hormone production.


Tea: Yes, you read it right. This beverage is also a part of the list and when brewed with typical spices, like cloves, ginger and cinnamon it boosts your blood flow around the body. Try replacing your coffee with tea, especially at night, because it is not just health, but also with the less caffeine level, you can drift off to sleep as well.


Cherries: This delicious red fruit is not just filled with Vitamin A,C, E but also has potassium, magnesium, folate, iron and lot more which is tremendously great for your health. This small bites also have an antioxidant called melatonin which is very healthy to regulate your heart rate, which is turn is good for a sizzling time with your partner.

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