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9 foods a diabetic patient should stop eating today


A recent study by World Health Organization states that diabetes wasn’t a common disease few decades ago. The disease became prominent in both the developed and underdeveloped countries only recently and shows that there is an estimated 143 million people who are suffering from it around the world. There are also claims by researchers that the number of patients will be increasing if we continue living the current lifestyle.

Diabetes Mellitus is a word derived from the Latin language and simply signifies sugar in urine. There are two types of diabetes, one being type-1 diabetes and the other is type-2 diabetes. Basically when one suffers from diabetes the body stops producing Insulin which is very much necessary in our body to control the rate of conversion of food, starch and sugar into glucose.

There are certain food items that you have to definitely stop eating right now:


  • Energy drinks: These drinks has lots of added sugar and are very low in nutrition so to stabilize your sugar intake, you should definitely stop drinking any kind of flavored energy drinks or sports drink.
  • Low fat Yogurt: Although low fat yogurt has fat removed in it which is very good if you are maintaining your diet plans but it is not healthy for your blood sugar intake. The yogurt has high quantity of sweetener, stabilizers and thickener in order to compensate the fat which has been removed from it.
  • Juice: Fruit juices are rich in nutrition and vitamin and are very healthy for your diet but if you are controlling your sugar intake level then juice is not a good option. Drink juice when your blood sugar level is extremely low but otherwise make water your best friend in thirst.
  • Artificial sweeteners: There are various people who love eating sweet but since they are suffering from diabetes, they have to opt for artificial sweeteners which claim to be very healthy for diabetic patient but instead they will only increase your risk level by 67%. Try them only if you have an insatiate desire of sweet tooth.
  • Pasta: Pastas are made of starch which makes the food easily digestible and you tend to overeat. But since it is made of white flour, it is not at all healthy for your normal blood sugar
  • Potatoes: This natural root veggie is very nutritious for any normal person but it can be highly dangerous for a person suffering from high blood sugar. The veggie is easily and quickly digested into the bloodstream. If you are true lover of potato then cook it with other leafy green veggies in virgin olive oil or make a salad with lots of lemon juice so that the digestion process is slowed.
  • White rice: Eating large quantity of white rice could be very much harmful to your blood sugar intake level as it is essentially a starch that is generated after lots of polishing and so is easily digestible. Studies show that eating white rice can increase sugar level to 11 %. But on the other hand brown rice is really very healthy for a diabetic patient, so if you love rice switch to brown rice. You might see many different kinds of brown rice in the market but the best of all is Godham Shali Brown Rice, it is rich in vitamin and is beneficial for weight management, improving energy level and also promoting cardiovascular health.
  • Cookies: Crisky, cruncy cokkies sprinkled with chocolate chips is delight all love to savor but this chesy bites could be highly dangerous for your health. These are filled with high fructose syrup, margarine and hydrogenated oil which could add up to your saturated fat and pile up calories. Instead of buying cookies, bake them at home with recipes that has ingredients that would be beneficial for you.
  • Processed lunch: Processed food is an all time favorite dish for everyone but next time you go out to have a bite, think twice. These foods like, burger, sandwich, hot dogs etc. are rich in sodium and frying them adds up good amount of calories, carbs and fat in it. Cut-off the sodium intake by roasting meat at home and making your own healthy burger with home made buns.

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