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What Weight Should You Choose For Your Workout, And How Many Reps Should You Do


A very significant matter associated with weight training is the number of repetitions that you intend to do for each exercise and the weights that you intend to use, i.e. whether they are light or heavy.

deadlift-technique-rounding-the-back-neutral-spine, warm up exercise, benefits opf exercise, importance of exercise, general warmup, teleskysopping, kukikan, mirror, deadlifting, workout High intensity and low intensity workouts:

Generally, there is an inverse relationship between the two. The lighter the weight you intend to use for the workout, the higher is the number of repetitions that you do.
When you use lighter weights for a workout, you do more reps or repetitions, and this is generally known as a low intensity workout.
And a high intensity workout is when you use higher weights for a workout and do a lesser number of reps.

How many reps should you do?
People are very often concerned about the weight that they should use for weight training or any particular exercise, and also about the number of reps that they should ideally do.
Weights used and the number of repetitions that you do very often depend on the goals of a workout.

general warmup, exercises teleskyshopping, gymming products, how to get a flat tummy within 2 weeks, exercise for good health, weight training, repetitionsAs an example, if you do just 1-5 reps for an exercise, it is for strength. But if you carry on to do up to 15 – 20 reps for an exercise, the workout is focused on endurance. Similarly, when one does a moderate number of reps, which lies somewhere in between the above two limits, and the workout is focused on building muscles.
But at times, there are exercises with number of reps that are recommended, so you could find that out.

For your workout, what weight should you go for?
The weight that you must choose for your workouts is another important question.
You really would have to figure out what works best for you.
As an example, if you intend to do 3 sets of 10 reps, and you feel you could go ahead and do 3 sets of 12 reps, the weight is too light.
And if you feel that you intend to do 3 sets of 10 reps but you are not able to do the same with the weights that you had selected, the weights are too heavy.
So you’d have to find a weight that weighs something in between, and that would work perfectly for you.

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