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Shrugs and Leg Exercises


A basic shrug is one of the simplest exercises in weight training, and it works very well for the upper traps, which are the muscles between the neck and the shoulders. You could do the shrugs with either a barbell or a dumbbell

general warmup, exercises teleskyshopping, gymming products, how to get a flat tummy within 2 weeks, exercise for good health, shrugs, dumbellHold a barbell at slightly more than the shoulder width, and let it hang at the thighs.
Or you could take two dumbbells and let these hang at the sides.
Shrug your shoulders to the maximum, but without bending your elbows. Then return to the relaxed position.

Sumo Dumbbell Squat for the legs:
Next, we see some nice and effective workouts for the legs. For the sumo dumbbell squat, you need just a single dumbbell.
Keep your stance wide and feet in line with the knees.
Hold the dumbbell at waist height with both hands, such that the dumbbell is parallel to the body.

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While making sure that you do not change the position of the dumbbell, squat with your thighs and hips. It is important to keep the back straight through the step.
Now lower the dumbbell till it is at the level of thighs.
Return back to the initial position. You must make sure that you keep your back straight and chest lifted at all times through the workout.

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