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Basic Warm-up Exercise Routine


Some effective warm up exercises that can work very well for our fitness and health:-

Start by standing straight, with your feet at hip width and your shoulders relaxed.

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Stretch the arms out and rotate the wrists ten times. Then, rotate the arms together, first front to back, and then back to front, ten times each.

rotate neck up and down and then both side, exercise for neck, warmup exercise, health and fitness After rotating the arms, the next warm up drill is for the neck. You must move your neck up and down ten times, and then ten times from side to side. However while one works out the neck, one must ideally avoid full rotation, as this would minimize the risk of a neck injury to a great extent.

After the arms, wrists and neck, the next warm up exercise should be the back stretch. There are three exercises that one must do for an effective back stretch, and these are the sideways bend, the backbend and rotations. One needs to start by stretching ones legs apart, by around one foot, as this would reduce the risk of pulling a muscle.

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Sideways Bend: After stretching your legs, you must lift your left hand and with your right hand on your waist, bend sideways towards the right. Then lift your right hand up in the air and bend towards the left, while keeping your left hand on your waist. Repeat the exercise 10 times.

back bend, exercise, telesky shopping, beck pain exercise, warm up exercise Back bend exercise

Backbend: For a very basic backbend, stretch your legs apart, as much as you comfortably can. Then bend forward to touch your hands to the ground. Next, straighten your back and bend backwards. Repeat 10 times.

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Rotations: With your feet at hip width and hands at arms width, rotate your upper body. Five times left to right and five times right to left.

warm up exercise, benefits opf exercise, importance of exercise, general warmup, teleskysopping, kukikanThe warm-up exercise which follows the back stretch is the feet stretch. Keep your feet together, and with your arms on your waist, lift your body on your toes. Then fall back on your heels. Repeat the exercise 10 times.

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