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Importance of a Proper Warm up before a Workout


Importance of a Proper Warm up before a Workout, exercise, teleskyshopping, fitness mantra, home fitness equipment, herbal products

Before our exercise routine, we sometimes feel like skipping the warm up session. But warm ups form an important part of workouts!

The right kind of warm up prepares you for the workout, both mentally and physically. Warm ups raise the body temperature, and the muscle temperature. So the body is in a better position for a session of workout.

When we do a proper warm up, the heart rate increases, and this in turn facilitates better circulation to muscles and ligaments.

Significance of warm-ups can be explained by a scientific mechanism. As we do warm ups before workouts, it slowly and gradually increases the demands on the cardiovascular system, nervous system, respiratory system and the musculature system. So these are better placed to meet up with the demands of more intense workouts.

Warm-ups raise the body temperature of the entire body, and also the blood circulation. So the muscles and tendons are heated up and in a better position to undergo exercise.
We come to know that we have been through a good warm up session when we start sweating, as sweating indicates that the core body temperature has increased.

With warm ups, the athletic performance enhances, and while the muscle efficiency increases, any risk of injuries, like a muscle pull is greatly subsided. A warm up simply increases the speed movement of muscles and ligaments, and chances or severity of post workout muscle soreness also reduces.

In many cases, a warm up session of 5-10 minutes is suffices, and it should ideally increase the core body temperature by around 2o Fahrenheit.

Preferably, there should be no more than 15 minutes elapse between warm ups and workouts as beyond this phase, body temperature falls back to the pre-warm up levels.

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