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Ab Rocket - Easy to use home gym equipment for well toned abs


Home gym equipmentLooking forward to lose weight and enjoy greater fitness? Are unutilized gym subscriptions worrying you? Is visiting the gym in assigned time slots no longer hassle free? Try Ab Rocket, the revolutionary abdominal exercise equipment which has worked wonders for thousands of people all across the world, and has enabled them to get shapelier bodies, enhanced energy levels and higher fitness! Use Ab Rocket- the easy to set up apparatus at any time of the day at your convenience and get flat abs in no time. With just five minutes of everyday use, Ab rocket enables you to have a not just a slimmer waist, but also a more primed upper and lower body. Along with regular crunches, with the Ab Rocket workout kit, you can do reverse crunches, side oblique crunches and even pilates exercises. Despite yielding excellent results in terms of weight loss and a toned abdominal section, Ab Rocket is not just simple to use, but folds easily and needs surprisingly little space for storage!

Ab Rocket is simply the best home gym equipment that you can add to your daily workout routine, owing to its innovative design that lets you exercise the entire body with nearabout no risk of injury! While Ab Rocket helps you stay motivated, it focuses on core muscles that you may not activate while performing standard crunches. Ab Rocket not just works lower, upper and middle abs, but sides as well to comprehensively tone up the abdominal section- correspondingly making you slimmer and greatly enhancing the feel good factor!

Ab crunches and other floor based ab exercises focus only on specific muscles and could even strain your back and neck while attempting the same. But Ab Rocket, the extraordinary home gym equipment is designed to help you retract in the seated position while performing the crunches, ensuring that workouts are more efficient without any unnecessary strain on muscles. With Ab Rocket, you can ensure that you use more muscles during the workout to show results quicker than all standard floor crunches! Ab Rocket comes with a head apparatus that supports your head and neck, and also padded rollers that gently massage your back as you drill.

Ab Rocket is easy to use. Just place the equipment on the floor and as you sit, there are handle bars for support on both sides of the chair.

1. Stretch your feet straight ahead and keep your hands in front for crunches. Using handle bars while performing crunches is likely to reduce the effort your abdominal section takes on.

2. Bend downwards right until your head and back touch the floor. Additional resistance provided by Ab Rocket ensures that you exercise your mid section more than any ab crunches.

3. Lean ahead to bring the upper body in a seated position.

4. To enable an even more effective workout especially for your upper and lower ab muscles, stretch your legs straight ahead when you bend down towards the floor and retract your knees as you bring yourself back to the sitting position.

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