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Maintaining hardwood floors using hardwood floor cleaner to keep them looking new for years


hardwood floor cleanerHardwood floors are one of the most cherished parts of home décor. They not just enhance aesthetics but also are one of the most economical ways to add value to a home with charming woodwork as quality hardwood flooring for 6-7- rooms is generally less expensive than wooden kitchen cabinets. Solid hardwood floors are widely preferred because of their longevity and with some timely refinishing and recoating, can last for many decades at a stretch. Even though many varieties of hardwood flooring are nowadays available, the most common are red oak hardwood flooring, white oak hardwood flooring and maple hardwood flooring.

If you have hardwood floors within your home, their proper maintenance by preventing scratches and keeping them clean is extremely important. One should try and make sure that for hardwood floors, any damage is taken care of as soon as it occurs, as it would expensive to fix if repair is delayed. A routine cleanup can be useful for avoiding dirt and scratches, and one should go for a hardwood floor cleaner to ensure that hardwood flooring comes across no harm and lasts a lifetime. How often you clean your hardwood floors vastly depends on how frequently they are used or get dirty. Cleaning up the floors not just ensures that they are free from dust but also makes up for a healthier environment within the home as hardwood floors can accumulate pollutants, dust and allergens over time. A hardwood floor cleaner should be biodegradable such that it does not harm the floors, your hands or the environment.

Hardwood floors should be dusted everyday to keep the dirt off and make homes more hygienic, as dusting will free the floors from allergens. Daily dusting and mopping also minimizes the chances of scratching and ensures that the floors look good and last long. Cleaning hardwood floors is also important to ensure they look as good as new even after many years of usage. However one should be very cautious while cleaning hardwood floors as they can be damaged by too much liquid, while certain cleaners like vinegar, even if diluted with water may spoil the finishing. For cleaning hardwood floors, soap based cleaners or wax should also be avoided as they are likely to leave a residue. A cleaner that is used for hardwood floors should be pH-neutral and nontoxic and a proper hardwood floor cleaner ensures that hardwood floors maintain their original charm even after many years of use.

Apart from mopping hardwood floors every day and cleaning them once every ten days, if we make sure that they are polished every two to three months, they retain their luster at all times. To maintain hardwood floors and keep them looking great, we must clear up all spills as soon as they occur, lest they leave any permanent stains. For cleaning and dusting hardwood floors, a mop with a microfiber pad is preferable as it does not use excessive water for cleaning and effectively picks up and removes dirt.

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