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What makes green tea different from black tea?


advantages of green tea Advantages of green tea

Tea plant is an evergreen which is found in China and northern India. It produces dark and shiny green leaves and small, white flowers. The best tea is often known to be produced from high altitude mountains, which provide proper temperature and humidity that allow tea leaves to grow slowly. Soil, altitude and climate, all influence the quality of tea, while this also depends on when the tea is plucked and how is it processed. Many of us are fond of green tea and enjoy having two or three cups of this healthful and delicious beverage every day. Green tea rejuvenates us, and makes us feel light and energetic. This makes green tea one of the most preferred drinks at all places in the world.

The four main types of tea, green tea, black tea, white tea and oolong tea, all come from the same tea plant. The way the leaves are processed after they are harvested determines how a particular type of tea is created. It is interesting to know more about what makes green tea different from other teas. While it is possible to distinctly identify both, green tea and black tea from their appearance, both these varieties have a unique flavor and aroma which are characteristic to either variant. The primary difference between green tea and black tea is that the leaves of green tea are withered and steamed after they are plucked. These are not wilted or fermented, enabling green tea to retain most of its naturally present and nutrients and enzymes, and also its singular green color. Black tea leaves are fermented, wilted and also fully oxidized, providing it with a distinctive taste and flavor.

Flavor of green tea is very often light, fresh and grassy, unlike black tea which has heartier, deeper and a stronger taste. Black tea may even have a sweet aroma with very floral undertones. Green tea and black tea are both brewed in separate ways. To ensure that the green tea does not become bitter, water used for brewing should be hot, but not boiling. Ideally, green tea should be brewed at temperatures around 175o Fahrenheit or 80o Celsius. However, water used for brewing black tea should be boiling. Another important factor which makes green tea different from black tea is the caffeine content in the two. Black tea has at least two or three times more caffeine than green tea, as the caffeine levels depend on how well are the leaves fermented after they are plucked from a tea plant. The more a tea is fermented, higher are the levels of caffeine present in the same. If a person is sensitive to caffeine, or suffers from commonly known effects of caffeine, which include insomnia, headaches or fatigue, he may choose to go for green tea over black tea.

Even though green tea and black tea, both stain our teeth, black tea darkens the teeth more visibly owing to its strong color. People may prefer green tea over black tea to prevent or minimize any sort of staining on their teeth.

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