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Symptoms, prevention and treatment of type 2 diabetes


type 2 diabetes symptoms Around 25.8 million children and adults in United States, who make up for 8.3% of population, suffer from diabetes. It is alarming to note that number of new cases of diagnosed diabetes among adults aged 18–79 years in U.S. increased from .5 million in 1980 to 1.74 million in 2010.

90% of diabetics in United States and across the world suffer from type 2 diabetes. Our bodies require insulin to break down sugar present in the bloodstream into energy. When a person suffers from type2 diabetes, his pancreas does not produce insulin in requisite amounts, or insulin is not able to function properly. Type 2 diabetes also occurs when our bodies develop insulin resistance as body’s cells cease reacting to insulin. This results in a high blood glucose levels because insulin present in our bodies for metabolism of glucose would be inadequate in such a case.

Incidence of type 2 diabetes is most common among people who are over 40, but an increasing number of younger people are also affected. Some of the most common symptoms, which are prevalent in both, type1 and type2 diabetes include feeling thirsty, frequent urination, unexplainable fatigue and wasting of muscle accompanied by weight loss. People can suffer from diabetes for many years without knowing about the same as in many cases, type 2 diabetes symptoms can be mild. However an early diagnosis ensures a more effective treatment for the ailment and also minimizes chances of developing complications at a later stage. Some other type 2 diabetes symptoms that are very commonly prevalent include cramps, frequent occurrence of skin infections or blurred vision caused by a dry eye lens. If one observes any of these symptoms, consulting a physician becomes all the more important because all people who suffer from diabetes do not have all these symptoms and in most cases, these may not be severe.

A condition that is very commonly associated with type 2 diabetes is hyperglycemia, which occurs when people suffering from diabetes have very high levels of sugar in their blood streams. Factors that can lead to hyperglycemia include stress, getting an infection or missing a dose of anti-diabetic medication or insulin. But if a person is suffering from type2 diabetics, hyperglycemia is likely to develop slowly in most cases.

Treatment for type2 diabetes is mainly oriented towards keeping blood sugar levels normal and controlling the symptoms. One of the most important ways to prevent occurrence of type2 diabetes is by making sure that there is a high awareness about the ailment and its effects, type 2 diabetes symptoms and also ways to overcome the same. For a person who is suffering from diabetes, it is crucial to look after one’s health as it makes the treatment easier and ensures that risk of developing complications at a later stage in minimal. Having a healthy diet and taking regular exercise are some of the simplest ways keeping diabetes in check, and one could start by something as simple as walking and making a switchover to natural sweeteners from sugar.

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